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Because we can transform ideas into reality.

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Founded in 2012, RD2Buzz uses and creates what is the most modern and innovative through R&D to improve the performance of business and people through simple solutions.


Provide technological solutions to ensure authenticity, origin and control for a safer society.


Create value is our commitment with our community for a better world.


Choose the best business vertical that fits in your needs.


Components: RD2Signer / RD2 VScan / RD2CSC / RD2 VShot.

On Demand

Bring challenges to us and you will be able to conquer your market.


We can help you to find alternatives and solutions for business management and IT matters.


Digital ID

Digital Certification and Signature

Digital Authentication


Near Field Communication


Radio-Frequency Identification

Smartcards and Secure Elements

PKI and Cryptography Solutions

Tracking and GIS

Bureau of Information

Wireless Technologies

M2M and Telematics

Cloud and Grid Computing

High Performance and Real-Time Responde Platforms

Mobile Apps

Logistics Processes and Business Management Consulting

IT Consulting

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